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Finally Some Good News

After weeks of waiting and hoping for the remaining D.A.R. Whooping Cranes to migrate, finally yesterday some good news.  The good news does not come without a price I’m afraid, last week ended with some very sad news.  Four of the 2013 D.A.R. Whooping Cranes have died.  With all the hard work and dedication and […]

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One Step Closer to Release

Today was moving day at the International Crane Foundation.  The Whooping Crane chicks in the Direct Autumn Release Program (D.A.R.) were boxed up from their iso location at ICF and moved to remote area of Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.  All nine of the chicks were boxed one at a time and loaded into vans before […]

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81 Days to Fledging

What a great day. Dressed in an all white Whooping Crane suit, with my camera rigged into a pillow case, I was given the opportunity to take a marsh walk with 4 of the oldest Whooping Cranes in the Direct Autumn Release (D.A.R.) program at the International Crane Foundation  Marianne Wellington escorted me out […]

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42 Days Old and Still a Bit Small

It was 42 days ago that I photographed the Whooping Crane “Latka” hatching inside of an incubator at the International Crane Foundation, for the start of my project “Hatch to Release” the story of Whooping Crane Reintroduction.  ”Latka”, named after a character on the sitcom Taxi, was out in the prairie for some exercise yesterday and […]

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Whooping Crane Reintroduction, Oh How They Grow

Four weeks ago I photographed one of the last Whooping Crane’s hatching from it’s shell for my project “Hatch to Release”.  Now I am photographing them running through the southeast pen at the International Crane Foundation, exercising their wings for an hour at a time.  I can’t believe how fast they are growing.  It sure […]

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